All Nations Collective exists to build a global community of progressive churches focused on impacting the world with the message of Jesus manifested in social, cultural and spiritual reformation, with a future focus. We will accomplish this through church planting, leadership development, & relational empowerment. Our belief is that the intentional partnership of church leaders can transform and change the lives of individuals, who will then, change cities and ultimately the world.


  • Manifesting Jesus Christ
  • The Demonstrations of the Holy Spirit
  • The Future – Missionaries of the future (Church, Approach, Reach, & Culture)
  • City Transformation and Impact
  • Leadership Development & Continued Education
  • Relational Community & Peer Accountability
  • Healthy Family Life
  • Leadership Integrity
  • Verifiable Growth (Reproduction & Multiplication)
  • Redemptive Ministry & Reaching the Broken (Sensitivity to the Human Condition)
  • Economic Empowerment and Financial Stewardship
  • Creative Expressions & Presentations
  • Bridging Generations
  • Doctrinal Integrity

Our Global Senior Pastor

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III  is a global influencer, culturalist and visionary, violently raised up by God during this complex moment in history.  As a decorated scholar and former professional academic, he uses his background to complement his leadership style and approach to strategy . . .


Apostolic Presbytery

Pastor Labryant Friend

Pastor Brandon Clack

Apostle Sherman Dumas

Apostle Kevin Duhart

Pastor Ronaldo Hardy

Apostle Yolanda Stith

Chief Operating Officer

Pastor Michael S. Martin, II

Chief Financial Officer

Elder Jasmine Finley

Executive Director

Pastor Joshua Alexander

Director of Culture & Engagement

Pastor Pam Ross

Director of Recruitment

Pastor Adrian Davis

Area Affiliate Representatives Lead

Apostles Edwin and Catherine Newsome

Area Affiliate Representatives

Apostle Hal Best (North-Eastern Region)

Apostle Michael Hathaway (Eastern Region)

Pastor Marcus Jenkins (Southeastern Region)

Apostle Derek Talbird (Southern Region)

Pastor Rhonda Olison (Mid-Western Region)

ANC Office

7359 S. Chappel Ave
Chicago, IL 60649, USA

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+1 773 952 8657

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Mon-Thui: 9am - 5pm
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